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Lori Patterson- It’s like the mat allowed my brain and body to relax and release a lot of the stress.

Melissa Emrico- Slept on it for about 4 hours after being restless, and was able to relax with fewer aches.

Charles Cevallos- After I laid on the pad for 1-1/2 hours I felt rejuvenated and happy.

Ms. Xochi‎- SUPER Amazing Mat! I have NOT been able to let go of mine!

Lonnie Hughes‎- I have to tell you, when you get up you feel like  you were polarized and adjusted without even doing anything at all.

Josie Jesmer- Started with slight pain in neck on left, had some “aches” in heart area, let tears rose up and pain in heart went away.



The idea for our salt mats came about in May of 2013 while we were surrounded by Himalayan salt.  One of us was feeling very anxious and stressed and the other one had physical aches and pains.  We found the Himalayan salt to be very soothing both mentally and psychically, easing the stress and anxiety as well as the physical aches and pains.  Right then and there we decided that we wanted to create a mat that would allow us to enjoy the amazing benefits of the salt anywhere, anytime.  We started out very simply by cutting up plastic pool floats and filling them with salt, a lot of salt!  Our first crude prototypes were about 20 pounds.  We gave them to family and friends to try and let us know if they felt the same amazing benefits from the salt as we did, and they did!  Everyone we had try them loved them and one friend even refused to give hers up​!  It was then we knew we had a hit and started the process of refining our idea and getting a viable product.  Today our mats are smaller and lighter, handmade in Corona, CA and are of the highest quality.  Our mats are ideal for adults, children and pets, bringing the relaxing benefits to anyone who uses one.

We look forward to bringing you the amazing benefits of Himalayan salt, and invite you to look for our expanding line of salt products.


Himalayan salt’s unique cellular structure allows it to store vibrational energy. Pink salt can be used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, lower blood pressure, sooth sore muscles, and remove toxins from the body. In modern spiritual circles, salt is said to enhance good will, elevate moods and diminish negativity.

Our salt mats will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed.  They have helped people sleep more deeply, relieve aches and pains and feel more energetic. 






Our relaxation mat is 18x18 inches and  is made of medical grade plastic to be durable.  It's latex free and hypoallergenic.  It contains 49 chambers filled with pink Himalayan salt crystals.  It has velcro edges to allow you to create any size mat you want


​salt mat

​M&K started in 2013 with a simple idea.  Bring the healing and relaxation properties of Himalayan salt to the home, car or office.